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Gracevilla Front Entrance View

Our Philosophy

Gracevilla Retirement Home was set up in 1993 at a time when such homes were still in it’s infancy. A market research was carefully made and visits to existing homes both private and government revealed that there was a need to reinvent the image of such homes. There was a general perception  that such homes were generally for the disadvantage, poorly equip bare bones facilities. We certainly did not want to set up such a centre. Determine to take a different path we established Gracevilla Retirement Home in Petaling Jaya seeking to revamp the image of retirement homes. It is a place for all senior citizen to feel comfortable, safe and cared for with dignity and grace. It is clean, tidy and pleasantly decorated like a residential home. It does not have the sterile feel of medical instituitions instead it is beautiful and well equipped that even visitors feel comfortable being there.

We also believe that honesty pays. If we feel that we cannot provide the type of care the potential client require we will advice you to seek another facility. We do not say ‘yes’ to all for the sake of gain. we are aware of some who will say ‘yes’ to everything but cannot deliver. We also believe you will be honest with us as to the resident’s condition so we can provide the right type of care for them.

Another important aspect is that there should be personal care and human interaction between caregivers and the residents. This is the reason why we have hands on supervision not by foreigners but local personnel in a supervisory role. You can say we have a personal care  concept of an extended family as all the residents are to us one large happy family. Today after 22 years and counting we have succeeded in establishing a wonderful and trusted reputation for our home. We invite you to view and experience our wonderful home for yourself.


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The Location

We  are nestled in a quiet middle class residential neighborhood. Only meters away from Assunta hospital and 4 minutes drive from the Federal Highway by Jalan Templer. It is a peaceful  haven, a restful home, a sanctuary in time of need. Welcome to Gracevilla Retirement Home.        


                                                        LOCATION MAP TO GRACEVILLA RETIREMENT CENTRE

  No.11, Jalan 4/47, 46050, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

   Contact:  Mr.Lim    Hp: 012-3215205       Off: 603-778 416 54